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Founder’s Message



Mr. Fawaz Abdullah Salim Almukhaini, with his Computer Science Background as a Bachelor Holder and an Excellent Service Provider of the latest software technologies. He has over 10 years’ experience in IT business with strong leadership skills, innovative strategies and professional mindset in the market and industry fields across the globe. In the past decade, he was always fascinated with the changing face of Technology and adapt quickly to give the best of IT Oriented Services such as ERP, Software Apps, Cloud Computing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Cybersecurity Solutions, Blockchain System, Animated Design,  Artificial Intelligence, E-Commerce,  Strategy Visualization Roadmap, Business Intelligence, Data Mining Techniques, Decision Support System, IoT and Automated Processes, KPIs Dashboard, Digital Marketing and Integrated Trading Platform to his discerning clients.

He always kept upgrade and cost-effective scalability in mind while packaging software services to his invaluable customers, clients, and consumers. Enthusiasm, Proactive and Motivator to bring desired goals of his organization and keen to deliver a prestige brand of high quality results in the business environment. Serial Entrepreneur, Team Leader, and Strategy Developer for unique initiatives, invaluable achievements and highly dedicated to accomplishing very exceptional outcomes in the commercial landscape. Esteemed innovator, Public Speaker, Passionate to make new inventions, enhance the productivity of many different project modules and build Human resource capacity through international scientific methods and modern approved theories.

Facilitator for brilliant imaginary concepts, smart ideas, and create market demand opportunities. Senior Advisor and hard working under pressure to resolve serious problems as an independent consultant. Moreover, professional in emotional intelligence once sophisticated scenarios come across the organization to take a wise decision and flexible treatment. Last but not least, startup owner of UNIESTTRADE.COM company which considered as SME today but our ambition is to exceed the expectations of all large competitors around the world and inspire the surrounding employees and stakeholders to reach outstanding objectives and break the boundaries of the new software trading era.